New to AA?

If you are new to AA and looking for information about ameetings, call 1300 22 22 22 to speak to an experienced AA member.

And there is information about meetings on the national AA website.

About Us

This is a website to help AA members find meetings close by. It's designed for easy use on mobile phones. We hope it will be useful to AA members around Australia.

The website has been created as a free service by Alcoholics Anonymous members in Melbourne.

We like to help people who are looking for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and we like making cool websites for fun.

The site is not associated with or endorsed by the General Service Conference or the General Service Office in Australia.


Q: Can I view this on my phone?

This website is optimised for use on mobile phones.

In your phone browser, navigate to or, if your phone can read QR codes, use this to go to the site:

Q: Can I can download this as an app for my phone?

No. But you can bookmark the webpage and add a shortcut to the homepage in your phone.

For iPhone or iPad

For Android

The steps to do this can vary depending on your device and Android version. To find out how it's done for your handset, google 'add shortcut to webpage on android for YOUR DEVICE. Or check out this youtube video.

Q: Where does the meeting information come from?

The information displayed on this website is extracted from the database maintained by the Australian AA General Service Office. See 'find a meeting' on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia website.

We refresh the data multiple times a day.

Q: Is it accurate?

It's as accurate and up-to-date as the information on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia website. So it's based on the information supplied to the General Service Office by AA groups.

Q: I've noticed that one of my local meetings is not listed. Why would that be?

If a meeting you know is not listed, it's because the meeting is not listed on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia website.

Check the 'find a meeting' section and, if it's not there, you can help by filling out the form on the 'Add a meeting to the National Website' page.

Q: Why is there no map link on some meetings?

If there is no map link, it's because the exact geographical location (longitude & latitude) is not known.

You can look up the meeting on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia 'find a meeting' page. It won't have a meeting location map there either.

If you know where the meeting is, you can help everyone by filling out the 'Change meeting details on the National Website' form and giving as much detail as possible about the location of the meeting venue. Street number and nearest cross street are very helpful. If you can pinpoint it on google maps and find out the longitude/latitude by right clicking on the spot, that's event better.

Q: I've noticed an error in one of the meetings listed. How can I have it corrected?

If you notice a mistake, you can help by filling out the form on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia 'Change meeting details on the National Website' webpage.

Q: I've seen a meeting listed that I know is no longer running. How can I have it removed?

If you know about a meeting that is no longer functioning, you can help by filling out the form on the Alcoholics Anonymous Australia 'Remove a meeting from the National Website' webpage.

Contact Us

You can contact the creators of this web page by email at

Feedback is welcome. We'd like to know what you think about the website and if you found it easy to use.

You can contact Alcoholics Anonymous on the national number:

1300 22 22 22

This number will conect you to your closest AA contact..