AA Meeting Samford - Thursday 10:00am Big Book / Step Study. Farmers Hall, 30 Main Street, Samford Village, Samford QLD. Face to face meetings have resumed PLUS Zoom Meeting ID: 99882182344 to continue as well.

We are opening from the 18th June 2020 for a face to face meeting. Bring your own books and tea or coffee if you want it (kitchen won't be available in rooms).

Samford Thursday meeting is attempting to keep the zoom meeting going, as well as the live one, but as two separate meetings (at the same time).


Meeting ID: 99882182344
Password: 5101520

Please note that zoom meeting will be "locked" after 10.10 am, to keep zoom bombers out, so please arrive before that!
- Alcoholics Anonymous Samford Big Book, Steps and Traditions