AA Meeting Caringbah - Friday 8:00pm As Bill Sees It (book discussion). Keller Hall, Our Lady of Fatima School, Burns Lane, Caringbah NSW. live face to face again plus
online Zoom ID 765811003
It is a condition when attending this meeting that all attendees abide by COVID-19 health requirements according to NSW Health act.
- 1.5m safe distancing
- Use hand sanitiser provided
Provide name an phone number for possible tracing by health department.
If you have a sore throat or have been sick within 14 days or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 within 14 days we ask that you do not physically attend but, feel free to attend through our online venue.

Enter Burns lane off Presidents ave, Keller hall directly ahead but turn right at AA parking sign for car park access.
Contact: Rangi 0400 423 913.
- Alcoholics Anonymous Caringbah Unity Group