AA Meeting Cairns Edmonton - Friday 8:00pm Spiritual concept meeting. St Theresa's Church Hall, 135 Robert Road, Bentley Park, Cairns Edmonton QLD. Face to face meetings have resumed.

Temporary relocation from Edmonton Community Health Centre to St Theresa’s Presbytery, Robert Road, Bentley Park.

Note: COVID-19 restrictions 10 persons in room maximum at any time

DIRECTIONS: After lights near Fuller Sports (large building on LHS) go round left hand bend. Enter School drop off zone service road and then turn left into “shared zone” parking area. The Presbytery is the building at the end of the carpark, between the Church (LHS) and the after school care (RHS). Follow pathway and go through gate on right.

Note: if more than 10 attendees, the meeting will either be split into 2 x 1hour meetings or members will be asked to rotate outside to allow everyone to have the meeting they need.

Note: ALL attending MUST provide name and contact details on the ledger sheet provided by the Church to enable contact tracing if necessary. This is a legal requirement and is non-negotiable.
- Alcoholics Anonymous Cairns Edmonton